Mother-Son event is this Saturday.  See the school website for more info.

Savers drop off fundraiser is this Sunday.  More info. can be found in the e-blast that was sent out.

I believe our field trip was a success.  The children really seemed to enjoy it and were very well behaved.  Thanks to all the parents who came to help.

Tomorrow is dollar day.


Read Alouds: Curious George Makes Pancakes; Kitten’s First Moon; Poem: Drinking Fountian

Student Books: Fun, Fun, Fun; Bug and Cat; leveled readers

Sight Words: do, down, just, little, only, went

Alphafriend: Umbie umbrella

Writing: Writing multiple sentences.


Parts of Speech: verbs, nouns (proper and common), adjectives

Parts of a sentence: naming part (subject) action part (predicate) Our curriculum introduces this by using the words naming part and action part but we use both so that when the students hear these words as they get older they will be familiar with them.


We are continuing to work on our addition skills by combining sets using objects, fingers, and number lines.  We are also using the skills we have learned so far to solve word problems.