School Board


In 1986, the enrollment of the school was at an all time low of 370 students, buildings were in need of serious repair, funds were very low, and the new Principal asked for assistance in guiding and directing St. Ursula School. That same year the Saint Ursula School Board was instituted and developed long range planning for the school. The Board established committees to oversee various aspects of the school, including tuition, education, maintenance, finance, tuition assistance and development.

Over the next few years, the Board, through its Committees, oversaw several enhancements. Through the oversight of the Physical Plant Committee, repairs were made to the roofs, windows and boilers, while environmental concerns were also addressed. The Development Committee wrote grant proposals to obtain funding from the Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, Knott Foundation and others. Tuition assistance was established through the parish to help those families with the greatest need. The Education Committee worked on curriculum to bring SUS in line with other schools and meeting the needs of area Catholic High Schools.

The Board now has the following seven standing committees: Budget and Finance; Policy and Planning; Tuition Policy; Development and Institutional Advancement; Facilities; Membership; and Tuition Assistance. Each committee is chaired by a Board member and has regularly scheduled meetings.

Over the years the Board has been able to provide for a strong education, which is open to all, while maintaining a strong financial base. In all it does, the Board continues to keep a Catholic identity, as the School and Board are always mindful of the holy presence of God.

Current Board Members

Voting Members

Jerry Herr, President
Les Williams, Vice-President
Tom Fitzgerald, Secretary
Daniela Petchik, Chairman – Development Committee
Les Williams & Sharon Fischer, Co-Chair – Policy and Planning Committee
Erin Bindel, Chairperson – Membership Committee
Mark Horney, Chairman – Tuition Assistance Committee
Wayne Matheu, Chairman – Finance Committee
Wayne Matheu, Treasurer
Tom Kline, Chairman – Facilities Management Committee
Terry McCracken, Chairman – Tuition Policy Committee
Helen Bruns, Member
Tom Fitzgerald, Member
Fr. Steve Hook, Pastor

Non-Voting Members

Mr. John D’Adamo, School Principal
Theresa Fifer, Teachers’ Representative

Contact Information

The Board can be contacted through the President Jerry Herr.


Membership on the SUS School Board or any of the committees is by appointment of the membership committee and voted by the School board.