Why St. Ursula?

Students, parents and teachers love St. Ursula School!


“I love having fun with the kids. I love the parents and their involvement in the school. I love the sense of community here at St. Ursula.”
Mrs. Lorber, 5th grade

“I feel very blessed to be part of a warm and welcoming school environment. Everyone cares for each other. SUS is truly a family. I love coming to work every day. I enjoy my job and I love helping/teaching the students. The students are very respectful.” – Ms. Zakrzewski, 2nd grade


“I love the friendly atmosphere at St. Ursula School. Everyone is friends with everyone at this school.” – 8th grade student

“We are like a big family.” – 6th grade student

“The teachers are really helpful and understanding.” – 5th grade student

“I love learning! Especially, reading, spelling and math.” – 3rd grade student

“I love everything about St. Ursula School!” – 1st grade student


“I love St. Ursula School! I love knowing that my children are getting a great
education in a safe and loving environment.” – 3rd grade parent

“My children look forward to coming to school everyday.” – 1st grade parent

“I am very impressed with how polite the students at St. Ursula School are.” – Kindergarten parent