dec 4th-8th

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The week of December 4th- December 8th 

Tomorrow is a half Day please pack a snack for your child. If they go to Extended day please pack a lunch!

Homework went home today!

Students should be working on their Christmas Cards a little each night.


We will start unit 2: Lesson 10: “Shapes” in our reading series.  We will review our letters from unit 2 : Tt, Cc, Aa and Pp. We will read, “David’s Drawing”, and “Mouse Shapes,” and we will listen to informational text, “Signs and Shapes,” in order to build on our reading comprehension skills and to understand and identify characters in a story, setting, details and sequencing (beginning, middle, and end).  We will read: “How Thunder and Lightning Came To Be,” in order to build our vocabulary skills: weather, soaked, task, cloud, drizzle, blustery, and chilly. We will work on our book handling skills, name the front, back and spine of the book along with the title and author.  We will read from our student readers, “Mmmm,Good!” and “The Playground.”(We will point to the words as we read) We will be introduced to compare and contrast. We will learn adjectives for size and shape. We will finish writing different sentences using our sight words from this unit.  We will review our rhyming skills. We will sound out three letter words; egg, ten, bed, sun, pot, man, fish, pig, cat.

We will say our alphabet with the letter sounds.

Sight words; I, Like, the, can, and, see, we, a, to


We will start a new unit on measurement.  We will compare size; small, medium, and big. We will compare length. We will order objects by length. We will compare height and order objects by height.


We will write our first names Kindergarten style. We will practice writing our sight word; I, like, can, the, and, see, we, a, to. We will continue to write our numbers 0-10.

Computer Class: 

The kids created Gingerbread Glyphs:


*Gym-Mondays Spanish- Tuesdays Music & Library- Wednesday Computer- Thursday Art-Friday


Dec.7th- Progress report go home!

Dec. 8th- Parent Teacher Conferences (I will send out a sign up Genius tomorrow. Please sign up for one 10 min conference)

Dec.15th- Cookie Exchange

Dec.16th- Fr. Steve Farewell Assembly

Dec. 20th- Special Lunch & exchange Xmas Cards

Dec. 21st- 1/2 day–> Students may wear PJ’s or Christmas Attire.

Christmas Break–> Dec. 22nd-Jan.1st