jan 2nd-5th

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The week of Jan. 2nd-5th 

Homework went home today!


We will start unit 3: Lesson 12: “Weather” in our reading series.  We will be focusing on the letter Mm, Nn and Ss. We will read, “Storm is Coming!”, and “Snow!,” and we will listen to informational text, “How water changes,” in order to build on our reading comprehension skills and to understand and identify characters in a story, setting, details, conclusion, fantasy/reality and sequencing (beginning, middle, and end). We will work on our book handling skills, name the front, back and spine of the book along with the title and author.  We will read from our student readers, “Tap with me,” and “I can nap.”(We will point to the words as we read) We will review sentence parts: subject. . We will finish writing the sentence, “See my ______ with a _______.” (with our sight words).  We will review our rhyming skills. We will sound out three letter words; wig, pan, dog, vet, box, six, kit, hut, well, sun, zip, and can. We will start to identify beginning and ending letters, especially beginning and ending with the letter Nn.

We will say our alphabet with the letter sounds.

Sight words; I, Like, the, can, and, see, we, a, to, come, me, my, with


We will start a new unit in math; Numbers 10-19. Students will learn to name, identify, recognize, count and write numbers 10-19. I can show my teen numbers on a set of two ten frames. I can recognize, count, draw, and label groups of ten and more. I will practice writing and counting my teen numbers. I can order my teen numbers from least to greatest.


We will write our first names Kindergarten style. We will practice writing our sight word;I, like, the, can, and, see, we, a, to, come, me, my, with. We will continue to write our numbers 0-19.


The children will share their Christmas experience. The children will recognize that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birth. The children will imagine being present when Jesus was born. We will talk about the Magi (wise men) visiting Jesus after his birth and talk about the gifts they brought him. 

*We will finish traveling for Christmas. Our last country will be Italy this week, where we learn about the Magi (3 wise men) We also will review our school rules and expectations this week. 

*Gym-Mondays Spanish- Tuesdays Music & Library- Wednesday Computer- Thursday Art-Friday


January 5th- Game Night

January 20th- 80’s dance party

January 9th- Hot Lunch

January 15th- Off No School