Nov. 27- Dec 1 st

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The week of November 27th- December 1st

Homework went home today!

Christmas Newsletters Went Home Today-regarding upcoming activities.


We will start unit 2: Lesson 9: “Machines and Wheels” in our reading series.  We will be focusing on the letter Tt, Cc and Pp. We will read, “Good Morning, Digger”, and “What Do Wheels Do All Day?,” and we will listen to informational text, “Wheels Long Ago and Today,” in order to build on our reading comprehension skills and to understand and identify characters in a story, setting, details and sequencing (beginning, middle, and end).  We will read: “Big, Big Truck,” in order to build our vocabulary skills: wheels, hauls, adventure, tremendous, tilted, attached, massive, and rescue. We will work on our book handling skills, name the front, back and spine of the book along with the title and author.  We will read from our student readers, “Pp,” and “I like animals.”(We will point to the words as we read) We will be introduced to compare and contrast. We will learn adjectives for numbers. We will finish writing the sentence, “We like to ______.” (with our sight words).  We will review our rhyming skills. We will sound out three letter words; can, cow, pan, pot, pin, ten, and top.

We will say our alphabet with the letter sounds.

Sight words; I, Like, the, can, and, see, we, a, to


We will finish our unit on comparing numbers 0-10.  We will compare sets. We will understand one more and one less. We will identify sets as one more, one less, and the same. We will understand same numbers and make equal sets.


We will write our first names Kindergarten style. We will practice writing our sight word; I, like, can, the, and, see, we, a, to. We will continue to write our numbers 0-10.


The children explore what Advent means to them. The children will understand that Advent is a time of waiting and getting ready. Students will understand Advent as a time of waiting for Jesus. The children will understand that the first candle is Hope.

*Gym-Mondays Spanish- Tuesdays Music & Library- Wednesday Computer- Thursday Art-Friday


Nov. 28th- Subway Hot Lunch


Dec. 1st- Trimester 1 ends

Dec. 8th- Parent Teacher Conferences (I will send out a sign up Genius tomorrow. Please sign up for one 10 min conference)

Dec. 20th- Special Lunch

Dec. 21st- 1/2 day

Christmas Break–> Dec. 22nd-Jan.1st