Mrs. Vitti (7B)

Mrs. Vitti

Seventh Grade Teacher B.S., Towson University M.Ed., Towson University Teaching at St. Ursula School since 1999



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  • December 21, Thursday (12/21/2017)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! May God bless each of you this season of Advent and Christmas.

  • December 19, Tuesday (12/19/2017)

    Tomorrow, December 20, the 7B students won a prize (thank you E.F.) and may wear their St. Ursula Gym Pants with an appropriate t-shirt and tennis shoes.

    Thursday, December 21, the students may wear pajamas or festive clothing including Santa hats etc. It is a fun day for 7B with a movie, an assembly to sing Christmas songs, and a few snacks.

    8A 7A 7B Religion – Some completed the # 14 Vision by playing “Take A Risk” on pages 6-8. It was great fun. Others began Vision #15 appreciating the challenges faced by those forced to leave their homes as Mary and Joseph were forced to leave their homes.

    8ABC Social Studies – Some students assembled the hallway timeline that all students researched, others read two handouts and watched a video on George Washington, the debt from the Revolutionary War, Alexander Hamilton’s comprimise, and the placement of Washington, D.C. A final group began reading Chapter 9 Sections one and two. Tomorrow Quizlet Live is planned to increase vocabulary skills for Chapter 9.

  • Monday, December 18 (12/18/2017)

    Please remember to pray for a special intention.

    There was an assembly today for Fr. Steve.

    7A and 8A didnot meet for religion class.

    7B Religion played the “Risk” game during class (pages 6,7,8 of Visions Dec. 24). The entire seventh grade practiced their song for the Christmas assembly.

    8th Social Studies – Students viewed some lessons on the Discovery Channel and read a summary of Chap 9 Section1. “Washington Takes Office”

  • Wednesday, December 13 (12/13/2017)

    7AB and 8A Religion – The class reviewed vocabulary today. There is a religion test on Tomorrow, Thursday December 14. It is on the vocabulary words only. Click on the link below or visit Google Classroom to practice the religion vocabulary:

    8ABC – Please go to google classroom and practice the vocabulary for Chapter 9. There are 5 quizlets for you to use to challenge yourself. Click on the link below to get started:

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