Mrs. Wunder (2C)

Mrs. Wunder

Small Group Math (Grades 6-8) and Social Studies (6B & 8B) Teacher B.S., University of Baltimore +30 Credits Currently completing a Master's Program, Notre Dame of Maryland University Library Science Certificate, University of Maine at Augusta Teaching at St. Ursula School since 2008

In my spare time, I enjoy camping and hiking with my husband and dog. I also enjoy working with stained glass, photography, and gardening.



  • 12-14-17 (12/14/2017)


    • Please be at school by 8:00 tomorrow so we can be in the gym and ready for the Advent service.
    • Please bring in a box or bag for Christmas cards by Tuesday.
    • Gym tomorrow


    • Math: p. 99 and 100
    • ELA: Spelling & Vocab test tomorrow


  • 12-13-17 (12/13/2017)

    Tomorrow is the last day to turn in candy cane papers.


    • Math p. 97 and 98
    • ELA:
      • Worksheet on Synonyms
      • Spelling: test Friday
      • Vocabulary: test Friday

    FRIDAY: The second grade is presenting the Advent service first thing in the morning. Please try have your child here as early as possible (preferably by 8:00).  Thank you!

  • 12-12-17 (12/12/2017)

    If students are purchasing Candy Cane Grams, the slips and money is due Thursday, Dec. 14.

    • Homework
      • Math: p. 95 and 96
      • ELA:
        • Reader’s Notebook p. 131 and 133
        • Spelling: test Friday
        • Vocab: test Friday
  • 12-11-17 (12/11/2017)

    Chick-Fil-A lunch tomorrow for those who ordered.

    • Homework:
      • Math: p. 93 & 94
      • ELA: How Chipmunk Got His Stripes
        • Spelling: test Friday
        • Vocab: test Friday
        • Reader’s Notebook p. 124 and 130
  • 12-7-17 (12/7/2017)

    Math: p. 91 and 92

    Social Studies: quiz tomorrow, finish packet if not already finished

    ELA: New story:  How Chipmunk Got His Stripes

    • Reader’s Notebook: p. 123
    • Spelling: write words 2x
    • Vocabulary: study

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