Ms. White (6C)

Ms. White

Spanish (Kindergarten through Eighth Grade) B.A. in Spanish and Studio Arts, Loyola University Maryland Teaching at St. Ursula School since 2013

I am so excited to be teaching Spanish at St. Ursula. As Spanish is the second most spoken language in the U.S., and the second most common “first language” in the world, I believe it is important now, more than ever, to learn this beautiful language. I learned Spanish in school, and I am confident that the students of St. Ursula can too! I hope that it will open up many doors for them in terms of travel opportunities, job possibilities, along with the ability to help others and make new friends.



  • Spanish Homework — Week of 12/11/2017 (12/11/2017)

    Monday, December 11
    6B: finish review sheet and study; test tomorrow
    6C: finish review sheet and study; test Wednesday
    7B: complete 10 sentences for project in notebook — they will be checked on Wednesday

  • Spanish Homework — Week of 12/4/2017 (12/4/2017)

    Thursday, December 7
    7A: finish writing your 10 sentences for StoryBoard That in your notebook.
    8B: Tantas tiendas worksheet

    Wednesday, December 6
    6A/6C: Spanish numbers practice worksheet (that side only); test next Wednesday on En la Clase.
    8B: Los Regalos side of worksheet
    8C: Finish both sides of De Compras worksheet

    Tuesday, December 5
    6A: Cuantos hay? worksheet; study En la Clase vocab
    6B: Spanish Numbers Practice worksheet
    8C: study new De Compras vocab

    Monday, December 4
    6B/6C: Study “En la clase” vocab

  • Spanish Homework — Week of 11/27/2017 (11/27/2017)

    Thursday, November 30
    7A/7B: finish review sheet and study; test tomorrow!
    8A: finish review sheet and study; test tomorrow

    Wednesday, November 29
    6A: Study new vocab from “En la clase”
    6C: ¿Cuántos hay? worksheet
    8A: front of e to ie verbs worksheet; test on Friday
    8B: finish review sheet and study; test tomorrow

    Tuesday, November 28
    6A/6C: Study for Padre Nuestro Prayer Quiz. Link to prayer here.
    6B: Cuantos hay? worksheet
    8C: complete review sheet (it will be collected tomorrow); and study for tomorrow’s test

    Monday, November 27
    6B/6C: Study for Padre Nuestro Prayer Quiz
    7A/7B: Front of ¿Adónde vas? II worksheet; test Friday
    8B: stem-changing verbs paper (not the sports side); test Thursday
    8C: complete stem-changing verbs paper; test Wednesday

  • Spanish Homework — 11/20/2017 (11/20/2017)

    Monday, November 20
    No written homework this week. Test/quiz schedule for after Thanksgiving:
    Tuesday, November 28:
    6B Quiz – Padre Nuestro (Our Father)
    Wednesday, November 29:
    6A/6C Quiz – Padre Nuestro (Our Father)
    8C Test – La Ropa
    Thursday, November 30:
    8B Test – La Ropa
    Friday, December 1:
    7A/7B Test – ¿Adónde vas?
    8A Test – La Ropa

  • Spanish Homework — Week of 11/13/2017 (11/13/2017)

    Thursday, November 16
    – Tomorrow is Dollar Day. Remember to follow the dress code as mentioned in the handbook.
    – Tomorrow is the last day to accept cans for our canned food drive.
    – Please return the form if your grandparents will be visiting on Monday.
    7A: Adonde vas? Worksheet
    8A/8B: Complete back of ¿Cuánto cuesta? worksheet – Part A only; study clothes and colors

    Wednesday, November 15
    – Please reread yesterday’s announcements
    – Dollar Day is on Friday
    6A/6B/6C: Complete back of review sheet and study; test on weather/seasons and parts of the body will be on Friday
    7B: study places in the city/town
    8A/8B: Complete front of ¿Cuánto cuesta? worksheet
    8C: Complete back of ¿Cuánto cuesta? worksheet – Part A only

    Tuesday, November 14
    – Grandparents’ Day forms were sent home via email on Friday. Please return if your grandparent(s) will be attending.
    – Please continue to donate canned goods — our contest ends on 11/17, and we need 900 cans to beat last year’s amount!
    – Please donate toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, mouthwash, lotion, etc.) for the Advent edition of our Faith-in-Action project. We will be assembling toiletry bundles for those in need.
    6A: Complete front side of review sheet; test on Friday
    6B: Complete back of review sheet and study; test on weather/seasons and parts of the body will be on Friday
    8C: ¿Cuánto cuesta? worksheet – front only

    Monday, November 13
    6B/6C: Complete front side of review sheet; test on Friday
    8B/8C: study clothes and colors vocabulary