Mrs. Bivons (6B)

Mrs. Bivons

Sixth Grade Teacher  and Environmental Club Moderator  I am the sixth grade Science teacher.  Teaching Science helps students to develop their thinking skills that will serve them in becoming better problem solvers and intelligent decision makers. I love being the moderator of the Environmental Club for the middle school. I love sharing my passion for gardening and helping each child to be a steward of God’s creation. EMAIL:


  • December 18, (12/18/2017)

    Today was our assembly for Fr. Steven!

    Science *c  test tomorrow on lessons 1 and 2

    Religion:  6A/6b  Advent test on Wednesday.

    A few students have not returned the report card envelope.  Please do so.

    Add on for tomorrow.  No hats or reindeer ears until Thursday.

  • December 14, (12/14/2017)

    Candycane grams due today!

    Science 8C:  test on Tuesday Lessons 1 and 2

    Religion:  Advent test on Wed 12/20

    Get test signed on Venture.

  • December 12, (12/12/2017)

    Candy cane grams due by Thursday!

    Science:  8C  do the worksheet.    quiz signed! Make sure you know how to find protons, electrons and neutrons on the periodic table.

    6A/6B  quiz on volcanoes tomorrow.  BRING IN a old T-shirt for painting

    Religion:  6A/6B  do the worksheet

    6B  get test signed if needed!

  • December 11, (12/11/2017)

    Science:  8C  Get quiz signed if needed

    Read article “Probing the Periodic Table”

    6A/6C  None worked on volcanoes for 6A  6c did not see.

  • December 8, (12/8/2017)

    Have a great weekend.

    Remember to go to mass.  Second Sunday in Advent.

    Report envelopes are to be returned next week, please.

    We are still in need of 30 travel size toothpastes and 30 toothbrushes.

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