Mrs. Hart-Winner (1B)


Mrs. Hart-Winner

First Grade Teacher B.S., Towson University Masters, University of Maryland Post Masters Degree from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland Teaching at St. Ursula School since 2007                                                                                                                                          I have taught Pre-K through middle school, as well as college level courses. I currently teach first grade and enjoy the wonder and contagious enthusiasm that accompanies my work in the classroom with this age group.

Teaching is the second chapter in my life, as I began my professional career as a clinical social worker. I worked for 10 years in the clinical field before getting bitten by the education bug after watching my children navigate their own learning. I love teaching and being mom to my two teenagers. I am constantly amazed at how much we have to teach each other.



  • Homework 12/19/17 (9/6/2017)

     ** A reminder that add on days do not include hats, or fancy festive headbands. The day for those items will be out of uniform day Thursday.  Add on days are tomorrow again.

    ** Don’t forget cards and mailboxes should be brought to school tomorrow.

    *Please make sure that your child is reading to you every night.  A  short book or even a book where they alternate pages with you would be good practice.

    Class List link:

     Homework for 12/19

    Math – Practice addition and subtraction flashcards.

    Reading-  Read vocab 3x each for At Home in the Ocean and decodable words in cols(s) 3-7. Read the article “Water Cycle” 2x to a grown up. Return to school tomorrow.

    Spelling- Rainbow write the last 6 words in Unit 3.1.  Assessment on this current unit and words from previous units will be tomorrow.

    Phonics- Complete p. 276 in workbook.


     ** Parents, please make sure to study spelling and vocabulary words from the current unit and previous units every night and at least once on the weekends before returning to school . The students are responsible for knowing ALL words that we have covered up to date and will be tested frequently through objective measures as well as sentence writing.

  • Welcome Back! (9/5/2017)

    The children had an AWESOME first day today! No tears and lots of smiles! Looking forward to a GREAT year!

    Homework for Tuesday 9/5

    Reading – In your child’s backpack, you will find their yellow clip folder. Inside will be the Unit 1 info packet. Please place this packet on the prongs and return to school tomorrow. We will begin to use this info immediately.

    Also, you will also find the Journey’s workbook in their backpack.  Please cover with clear contact paper tonight and return it to school tomorrow. Your child will be working in it tomorrow.

    I have also sent home a letter that is inside the yellow clip folder with some preliminary info until I can speak with you on our Back to School night Thursday. I look forward to adding your email to my contact list.

    Looking forward to when the SUS folders come in which will make our paper correspondence so much easier.

    The children may bring a small snack for break time if they wish.

    Please make sure all books and folders are returned the next day to school, even if you were unable to cover them. The students also need their school supplies with them every day, this includes pencils, crayons, scissors, and glue sticks.

    Clip folders must have the prongs on the inside as we will be adding ELA units to this all year. If your child has one without prongs, please make sure he/she gets one. Thank you!


  • Dismissal line preference for school year 2017/2018 (8/29/2017)


    Please click the link below to indicate your dismissal preference for your child. Thank you for your help!

  • Welcome to First Grade ~ 2017 (8/29/2017)

    Welcome First Grade students and parents,

    I hope you have been enjoying your summer. I sure have been. Below is a link to help  as we approach the first days of first grade. Please take a look and enjoy the rest of the summer 🙂


  • Homework ~ June 8, 2017 (8/31/2016)

    ** I am missing paperwork for a few students. A paper is coming home today with specifics. Please be sure to return it tomorrow. If you didn’t get one, you are all caught up. Thank you!

    ** 12:10 dismissal tomorrow

    ** All students may wear their gym clothes tomorrow!

    ** ALL books and folders sent home today may stay home.

    No Homework tonight!

    Happy Happy summer break! Enjoy those great children of yours. I will miss them!

    See you in September!


     ** Parents, students should be reviewing spelling and vocabulary words from current and previous units every night. They are responsible for knowing all of these words. Also, don’t forget to review them over the weekend before returning to school on Monday 🙂

    Class List