Mrs. VanDevander (PKB)

Mrs. VanDevander

Pre-K Teacher B.S., Early Childhood Education, Towson University Teaching at St. Ursula School since 2012

My first day as a teacher at St. Ursula School was like coming home. My pride in being an SUS graduate has come full circle to now be a part of the team of teachers, staff and administrators that provide children with the tools to grow in knowledge and a love of learning. I have always wanted to be a teacher in a Catholic School and this truly has been the right fit for me. I am lucky to be part of such a diverse and caring extended family.



  • Friday September 15th, 2017 (9/15/2017)

    Happy Purple Friday, Let’s go Ravens! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Please remember to go to church this weekend. At the 11 am mass at SUS, it is Catechetical Sunday and the teacher’s mass so if you could to mass, you will see all of the SUS teachers. Hope to see you there 🙂

    The first week of Pre-K is complete. The children have done an amazing job and Ms. Katie and I are so proud of them. Please remember starting next week, you will follow the car line down Neifield Avenue and the children will get out of the car and they will be walking into the classroom by older siblings, teachers, Ms. Katie, and Student council officers. We went on a tour today so the children know where they are going! If your child is having a difficult time getting out of the car, please park at the church and walk them across the street and down to the school.

    A harvest Festival letter will be going home on Monday. Please read over the letter and be on the lookout for the sign up genius which you will also receive on Monday from the parents in charge of our basket. The harvest festival is a huge fundraiser for the school so anything that you donate to our basket is extremely helpful! Please continue to return Dollar Days paper, Hot Lunch, and Harvest Festival papers. Individual picture day is on Thursday the 21st 🙂

    We had a practice fire drill today. The children did a good job getting out of the building quickly and quietly. We also met the Music teacher today, Mrs. Jennings and had our first Music class. We read Pete the Cat, Rocking in my School shoes. We created Pete the Cat using shapes. They look amazing and are hanging in the hallway! We used our glue sticks to put the pieces on and practiced opening and closing our glue. We learned a little more about our friends today as they had to tell us their favorite food for our Morning message. Spaghetti won as our favorite with chicken nuggets coming in second place. I introduced two new centers today: the sensory bin and the Math center. All of our centers have been introduced, even though not all of the toys/ manipulatives in those centers have been shown.

  • Thursday September 14th, 2017 (9/14/2017)

    Happy 4th day of school! The children did an amazing job coming into the classroom, getting out their folders, and and putting their lunches and snack in the designated bins. They did this independently this morning.

    Harvest Festival letter will be coming home next week which will explain our class Baking basket. Please be on the lookout for a sign up genius. Please remember to return the form in the handbook which went home earlier this week. It is very important that we have this form back to school. Also, if you have not sent in headphones, please do so by Monday. Please continue to return Hot Lunch forms as well. Information will be coming home next week about a Field Trip. Please be on the lookout and remember you must be STAND approved!

    They are working hard on learning the Pledge of Allegiance as well as our class prayer. Here are the words in case you would like to practice: Bless us as we come to grow, and teach us things we need to know. Help us love one another as we love you, and let us serve you each day in all that we do. We looked at a cross today and talked about what it was and who was on the cross. We watched a short Jesus video where the children learned who Jesus is. We went to Gym class with Mrs. Altenburger and the children still did not wake up the sleeping pig. Ask your child about the pig 🙂 We completed a gluing assignment today after reading Too Much Glue. We practiced opening our liquid glue bottles and putting dots of glue down. We then added glitter. These are still drying and will come home tomorrow. Ask the children about the rhyme: Dot, dot, not a lot.

    Today during centers, I opened up computer and the listening center as our new centers. We went over some more of our family pictures and hung them on our wall. We went over our Star Student wall which is for Ms. Katie. The children practiced putting their names on the board to tell me that they were here. They had to tell me the first letter of their name and we recorded their answers. L and C were the most popular with 4 each!

    This afternoon we used our scissors for the first time and wow I was impressed! The children did a good job cutting out the square and the triangle. Tomorrow we will practice cutting out two different shapes.


  • Wednesday September 13th, 2017 (9/13/2017)

    Going home today is: Fathers club fruit order form, Hot Lunch, Individual Pictures, Harvest Festival tickets, Harvest Festival Raffle tickets, and Harvest Festival Volunteer and Silent Auction paper. Please empty your child’s folder tonight.

    I am looking for a parent to make playdough. If you would like to volunteer, please send me an e-mail. Service hours do apply.

    We will go to the Harvest Festival on October 12th in the morning. A paper will be coming home next week that will have information on it. Our class is doing a Baking Basket for the Silent Auction. A note will be coming home and you will be receiving a sign up genius next week from a parent in our class.

    We had a great 3rd day of school. I am so impressed with how well the children are adjusting to the routines of the classroom! We read the story Huggly Goes to School and in the book; Huggly draws a self- portrait of himself in Art class. We used water color paints and made ourselves today. These are drying and will be coming home tomorrow. They painted their eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, shoes, shirts, and shorts. We also practiced tracing our name on a sentence strip today. We rainbow wrote it using all different colors! Please continue to work with your child on identifying their name and spelling it. To practice identifying names, each child learned that when they come into school in the mornings, they will put their name on a board so Ms. Katie and I know that they are here.

    We talked about fire drills today and listened to the noise that would occur when we are having a fire drill. We went over the rules during a fire drill. We did not walk outside to practice because it was raining but we will tomorrow hopefully! Since we could not go outside today, we stayed in the classroom and practiced some Cosmic yoga and watched the beginning of Charlotte’s Web. We put pictures up on the family wall today after talking about people in our families. If you did not send in a picture of your family, please bring it in tomorrow. The children really enjoyed talking about their families and telling us about the people in the pictures.

  • Tuesday September 12th, 2017 (9/12/2017)

    Our second day of school was great. The children did an amazing job coming into the classroom, getting out their folders to put in the bin, and also getting out their lunches and snack. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for labeling all lunches, snacks, and sweatshirts. It has made it so much easier at lunchtime/ outside time! Please make sure to only pack your child one snack for snack time as they do not have time to eat two snacks. Thank you.

    We watched a song on Go Noodle called PopSeeKo and learned the dance. We also learned the Hokey Pokey today. We had Gym class this morning with Mrs. Altenburger and we also learned where the Library was and had Library with Mrs. Pell. We read the story No David No and learned about the front of the book, back of the book, and the spine. We completed an anchor chart as a class after the story about things we should not do and things we should do in the classroom (No David, Yes David). We then did a class chant/ song about using our manners. We practiced recognizing our names today. Please continue to practice this at home. We decorated the first letter of our names using cut out pieces of paper. These are hanging in the hallway and look great!

    Please continue to send in your family pictures. Please print out or develop a picture of your child with their family and send it into school tomorrow. I would like to add it to our family wall. The children earned 5 pom poms today for our classroom incentive jar. I introduced individual behavior charts today. Your child can earn stickers throughout the day which will go onto a chart. Once this chart is full, the child will pick a prize from the treasure chest and the chart will go home with them. It is your choice on whether you would like to reward them at home or not. Tomorrow we are going to be having a practice fire drill. I am going to read a book about a fire drill and then we are going to practice. I wanted to let you know so you can let your child know:)

  • Monday September 11th, 2017 (9/11/2017)

    The children had a great first day! They have done an AMAZING job and I am so proud of them.

    Thank you very much for doing a great putting everything that needs to be refrigerated in a ziplock bag labeled with their name and lunch. It made it so much easier during lunch time today. Also, for putting their snack in a ziplock bag labeled Snack. Please continue to return the green and pink forms as well as the volunteer letter, contact information for prekb sheet, and the getting to know your child paper. The school handbook is going home today, the yellow highlights paper which is optional, Harvest Festival t-shirt paper. Please look on the school website for information under Parents and School forms. That has papers to print regarding Dollar Days and the Ice Cream Social. Please make sure anything that comes back to school is an envelope labeled with your child’s name and my name. On the volunteer sheet that I passed out at back to school night, please send sure you send it in with your name at the top. Many of them do not have a name at the top and I do not know who they belong to. Thank you 🙂

    Today we learned each others name in our classroom by playing a Stew Pot game. We also learned about our classroom behavior incentive which is earning pom poms to put in our Count your Blessings jar. The children learned how to earn pom poms and they received 8 of them so far today with excellent behavior. We also learned where our lunch seats are in the lunchroom and ate lunch with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. They did an amazing job staying in their seats and getting quiet when the bell rang. We also went over our classroom rules which are: be kind to your friends, do your best work, make good choices, share with your friends, help each other, follow directions, and be a good listener. We added our handprints with paint to the paper after writing our rules. The children thought the paint was cold and told me that it tickled! We made a first day of school coloring page by using our crayons which is in folders. We made a hat today that says “Hip, hip hooray I had a fun first day of Pre-K! We colored the hat and then practiced opening our glue stick and putting a dab of glue on to make the hat. They are wearing them home today!

    We did our Good Morning song, did the Pledge, and also learned some of our calendar songs today. We picked our helpers for the week so ask your child if they are a helper this week! We also practiced daily bathroom habits and routines. We played outside two times today! I opened up the block center today, housekeeping, and table toys. Tomorrow I will open up three more centers. Ask your child what center they played in today!

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