Mrs. Marinaro (Spanish & Math)

Mrs. Marinaro

8-1 Spanish & Math, 5th Grade Advanced Math Teacher B.A. in Spanish, Minor in Math, Notre Dame of Maryland University Masters of Arts in Teaching, Notre Dame of Maryland University Teaching at St. Ursula since 2005 Having been a member of the SUS community since the first kindergarten class in 1987, I am delighted to be a part of the school that helped shape the person I am today. It is my pleasure to share with my students my love of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures, and it is my hope that they will begin to develop an appreciation for the same. This year I am also excited to return to my first love--math! --and I sincerely hope that excitement will rub off on my students! When I am not in the classroom, I can be found with my husband raising our four children, or researching my family history.                                                       EMAIL:


  • Homework, 9/14 (9/14/2017)

    7Gold Math: WB p. 31 & 32; continue to study notes on adding and subtracting integers

    8Blue Algebra: finish WB p. 5 & 6

    6C Religion: none

    6C SS: study notes on section 1.1 for quiz on Monday

  • Homework, 9/13 (9/13/2017)

    7Gold Math: Review notes for adding and subtracting integers.

    8Blue Algebra: WB p. 6 #1 & 2 — remember to write out each step and name the property used

    6C Religion: none

    6C SSOn loose leaf TB p. 13 #1-5.  Be sure to do all parts of each question, in complete sentences, in pen.


    Reminder for 4th and 5th grade Spanish: Anyone who does not have a marble notebook for Spanish class MUST get one before next week’s class.  5B students will get their notebooks from last year on Friday.

  • Homework, 9/12 (9/12/2017)

    7Gold Math: worksheet on subtracting integers

    8Blue Algebra: WB p. 5 #1-6.  Please be sure to follow the directions!

    6C Religion: color crosses to turn in tomorrow

    6C SS: Read TB p. 8-13 to discuss tomorrow


    4th grade Spanish: Please be sure to have a marble notebook to use for Spanish class!

  • Homework, 9/11 (9/11/2017)

    7Gold Math:

    WB p. 17, continue studying notes on adding integers (with same or different signs)


    8Blue Algebra:

    WB p. 4, prepare for a quiz on expressions and order of operations


    6C Religion:

    Finish cross that we began in class.


    6C Social Studies:

    In notebooks, answer TB p. 4 questions A, B, and C

  • Homework, 9/7 (9/7/2017)

    We finished our first full day!

    Tonight, the following homework assignments should be completed.

    7Gold Math – WB p. 10

    8Blue Algebra – WB p. 2 (This is in the Homework Practice Book)

    6C Social Studies – (for Monday) Watch one news story.  In your notebook, write a brief description of the story, say which channel or website shared the story, and determine if the new story is a primary source or a secondary source.  Consider the three questions we discussed in class (they can also be found in the video on our Google Classroom page.



    Once all of my classes are set up in Google Classroom, I will post the homework there, rather than on this public website.  Students will access their this site with their individual Google logins.

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