Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer Requirements

If you want to volunteer with children (even one time) you must be in compliance with Archdiocesan policy for the protection of children and youth. Archdiocesan policy requires that volunteers whose service includes any contact with children must complete the online course, Shield the Vulnerable.  Please note that the Shield the Vulnerable  program is replacing the STAND program.  This change is effective for the 2014-2015 school year.  All school volunteers and employees are required to take the online Shield the Vulnerable course, even if the STAND training course has been completed in the past.  Instructions for completing the program are below:


Please register as a St. Ursula School volunteer at www.shieldthevulnerable.org.

  1. Select First-Time Signup
  2. Select Catholic Dioceses
  3. Select Baltimore Archdiocese, then select Confirm
  4. You will then see a letter from Archbishop Lori. After reading his letter, select NEXT.
  5. User Login Data section: You will create your own login-ID and password.  Once all requested information is completed, select Next Step.
  6. Affiliation section: Select Volunteer as User Type.
  7. Select the appropriate Location Type, Where Located, and Location Name.
  8. Because you are working with children, select Substantial contact w/children. Select Next Step.
  9. You will be asked, “Do you volunteer at another location?” If you will be serving at another location, repeat steps 6-8 for that location.
  10. Application Info section: You will be asked, “Are you a new volunteer?” Select Yes.
  11. Answer the three questions for volunteers/employees and provide three references. Then select, Next Step.
  12. Summary/Confirm section: Review your information.  If it is correct, select Accept and then Confirm Signup.
  13. Background Check Registration/Criminal History Screening: Complete the background check form and authorization.  Enter your electronic signature, then choose I Consent to the Background Check or I DO NOT Consent to the Background Check.  (If you do not consent to the background check, you may not serve as a volunteer who will have substantial contact with children.)
  14. Next you will need to complete Protect the Children: STAND online training.
  15. Once you have finished the training, you will be asked to read the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s child and youth protection policies: A Statement of Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth and the Code of Conduct for Church Personnel in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  You will be asked to answer questions about the policies.

If you have any questions regarding the Shield the Vulnerable program, please contact Susan Williams at swilliams@stursula.org.