Play Building Service Hours

The school play is looking for volunteers (SERVICE HOURS CAN BE ACQUIRED). We would like to have several “flats” built. They are very simple wooden frames that will make scenery much easier to display and move around the stage. They will also be very easy to store and reuse each year. We would like 7 flats built out of 1” x 2” boards (minimum, not heavy to move). Each flat (frame) would be 6’ x 4’ with plywood triangles (gussets) in each of the corners to keep it “square”. Each flat would set in a wedge type base to hold it upright (2 bases per flat). It’s basically a very large picture frame that sets up by itself that we can attach paper or cloth scenery to. Please contact Mrs. Riesett ( or Mrs. Madgar ( if you have any interest in helping. Offering to help does not commit you to building all of the flats. We would greatly appreciate any help you can give us; donating material and/or building.