Student Life

Saint Ursula School offers students and their families a variety of opportunities to take part in different fun and exciting social activities throughout the year.  These social events give students and their families a chance to get to know other SUS families better, and interact outside the classroom.  In fact, many families form life-long friendships!  The St. Ursula community is truly one big family.

Listed below are just a few of the events that you and your family can look forward to as part of the St. Ursula School community.

Harvest 15FW

Harvest Festival

The Harvest festival is an annual event that takes place in October. The school auditorium and cafeteria transform into an autumn wonderland over this three day event.  Games, prizes, arts & crafts, silent auction and LOTS of good food are available for all to enjoy.

Trunk or Treat

Each year, around Halloween, the Saint Ursula School parking lot transforms into the ultimate trick-or-treat experience.  Participants park (and decorate) their vehicles around the SUS parking lot, while students (dressed in costume) go from car to car collecting candy.  It is a good time for all!


Holiday Parties

Holidays are a special time; especially, at Saint Ursula School! Throughout the year, SUS students enjoy fun parties and activities around the holidays.

The Father-Daughter Dance

This annual event, hosted by the SUS Fathers’ Club, gives dads the opportunity to spend a special night out with their daughter(s).

mother sonfw

The Mother-Son Sports Jam

This event, hosted by the SUS Mothers’ Club, takes place around Mothers’ Day.   It is a night of music, games, food, sports prizes and fun!  Last year’s sports jam even included a visit from the Oriole Bird!

Family Bingo Nights

Throughout the year, family bingo nights are held at St. Ursula School.  They are a great opportunity to spend time socially with other SUS families, while enjoying food, games, prizes and more!

Comedy Night

The SUS Fathers’ Club transforms the school auditorium into a “comedy club,” for a night of laughs and entertainment with fellow SUS families.

Raven Game Parties

During football season, Saint Ursula School will host a couple of Ravens game viewing parties.  Students and their families are invited to watch the ravens game in the school auditorium, while enjoying good food and company.

Spaghetti Dinner

The annual Spaghetti Dinner is a tasty event looked forward to by the entire Saint Ursula community.  The school auditorium is transformed into an “Italian restaurant”; featuring , homemade meatballs and sauce, pasta, salad, bread and delicious desserts.


Field Day

The Saint Ursula School Field Day is another annual event looked forward to by all.  Field day takes place in early May at Double Rock Park (weather permitting).  Students participate in a variety of fun activities like the egg and spoon relay, sack racing, kick ball, tug-of-war, and more!  All while enjoying the spirit of friendly competition.

Family Baseball Game Nights

During the summer, the Saint Ursula School Fathers’ club organizes several family nights at the Aberdeen Iron Birds stadium and at Camden Yards.  Students and their families are all invited to enjoy a fun night of baseball with other SUS families.