Husky Helpers


The Saint Ursula School Husky Helpers program is designed to encourage student leadership, by providing opportunities around the school for the students to practice their newly acquired leadership skills.

The Husky Helper program is open to students in Grades 3 through 5. Students will be given different assignments based on grade level.

Types of Activities

Grade 3: Delivering mail to the middle school teachers; and getting the playground key from the teachers on duty for the first recess and passing it to the teachers on duty for the second recess.

Grade 4: Holding the doors when the intermediate grades leave the lunchroom; straightening the lost and found; and sitting with the first graders at mass.

Grade 5: Assisting the primary grade students during lunch; playing with the primary grade students during recess; closing the gate at the end of recess; and cleaning the doorknobs on the second floor after recess.

Husky Helper Moderators: Mrs. Beltran, Mrs. Hart-Winner, Mrs. VanDevander and Ms. Hipple

Husky Helper Membership Letter Grades 3-4

Husky Helper Membership Letter Grade 5