The St. Ursula School Junior FIRST LEGO League is focused on building an interest in science and engineering in children in 1st through 3rd grade.  This is a hands-on program designed to capture young children’s inherent curiosity and direct it towards discovering the possibilities of improving the world around them.  This program features an annual real-world challenge, to be solved by research, critical thinking and imagination.  Guided by adult coaches, student teams work with LEGO elements and moving parts to build ideas and concepts and present them for review.

Types of Activities

Members of the LEGO Club will have the opportunity to:

      • Design and build challenge solutions using LEGO elements
      • Apply real-world math and science concepts
      • Research challenges facing today’s scientists and engineers
      • Learn team building and presentation skills
      • Develop a Show Me posters
      • Showcase Projects
Dangerous Dinos

Dangerous Dinos

Baltimore Builders (1)

Baltimore Builders

Team Tornado

Team Tornado

Horrible Hurricanes

Horrible Hurricanes


There will be no LEGO Club meetings this fall.  LEGO Club meetings will begin in January 2015 and will be held on Thursday evenings in the school Library.  More details will be available soon.  

LEGO Club Moderator:  Chandra Schaub

LEGO Club Meeting Schedule

Mon Oct 14th
Mon Oct 21st – Team Building / Challenge Research / Build Model with Moving Parts
Mon Oct 28th – Challenge Research / Model Design Brainstorming / Build Model Prototypes
Mon Nov 11/4 – Model Design / Start Show Me Poster / Start Build Model
Mon Nov 11/11 – Work on Poster / Work on Model
Mon Nov 11/18 – Work on Poster / Work on Model
Mon Dec 12/2 – Complete Model / Practice Show Me Poster Presentations
Mon Dec 12/16 – Model Tear Down / Team Celebration

Other dates…..
Mon Nov 11/25 – NO MEEETING for Grandparent’s Day / Thanksgiving Week
Thurs Dec 12th (?) – TBD – Set Up for SUS Art Show Fri 12/13
Fri Dec 13th – SUS Art show – Projects on display

LEGO Club Photo Gallery